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Baroness Anna Plochl conquered not only the heart of Archduke Johann of Austria, but also the hearts of all Styrians. After the death of her husband Johann, Anna Plochl, who later became Countess of Meran, was actively involved in charity work and opened a children’s hospital named Ana - Kinderspital in Graz. She died in 1885 aged 81. Her statue still stands at the “Steirische Ehrengalerie” in Graz.

After her death, the society continued with her work and built a resort for children near the lighthouse of Savudrija, Croatia, in 1908. The favourable climate in that region was ideal for children with respiratory problems, who could spend the best days of their youth in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

After World War I, the house became the property of the Codiglia family from Bašanija, who sold it to the municipality of Graz in 1924. All that time, as well as after the Second World War, the house kept its original function.

In 1998, it was restored and reopened as the apartment hotel Villa Valdepian.

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